Healthcare Administration Department



Healthcare Administration vision is to be recognized and innovative leader in healthcare administration education in Kurdistan Region, Iraq & others, and to be a World-Class department providing excellence in professional healthcare administration, through distinct teaching, research, consultancy service to governmental and non-governmental institutions


The mission of the Healthcare Administration Department at KUST is to strengthen our international recognition as an outstanding teaching and research center in the areas of Healthcare Administration and to have a leading role in the healthcare sector of Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the neighboring countries. It is to provide quality training in Healthcare Administration education through teaching, research, and service to the profession and community with the involvement of healthcare professionals. The department prepares students to make responsible decisions based on critical thinking, effective communication, and understanding of health practice, technical competence, and ability to respond to the changing professional environment. Faculty members of the department understand and respect diversity, and are committed to teamwork, continuous improvement, & scholarship informed by regional, national, & global developments in academics, business, and society.


a) To develop a new specialization based on interdisciplinary courses.

b) To teach and train students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become competent data scientist in health care systems.

c) To apply our values, missions, visions and ethical bases in all aspects of interdisciplinary courses.

d) To provide a curriculum to meet the contemporary needs of teaching and providing high quality services to the community.

e) To provide internationally recognized program to healthcare administration graduates.

f) To provide modern research in the different fields of business and healthcare.